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Welcome To Legacy!

Welcome To Legacy!

Having been around to support our customers since 1919, our mission has always been greater than simply getting our customers the right insurance coverage at the right price. We also want to educate our customers about insurance so they can feel confident that they are covered correctly. It’s been over 100 years, but we still regularly hear from new customers that have incorrect coverages on their current policies. That’s a big problem. If you’re underinsured, missing key coverages, or there are errors in your policy, then you, your family, or your business could be exposed to financial disaster. What good is insurance if it doesn’t actually protect you?

We’ve found that sometimes the key to helping people be better insured is to help them understand what questions they should be asking. You probably don’t have time to study all of the insurance rules and regulations to become your own insurance advisor. But if you learn when you should come to us, and how we can help, then we can make sure you are properly protected.

We are launching this blog to help make it easier for you to access a lot of the information and experience we have as agents. We will write about updates to the law and insurance coverages. We will provide educational content on various coverages that may or may not be missing from your policies. And we will try to have some fun in the process!

If you ever have any questions about anything you see in our blog, please feel free to reach out to us at info@legacypartnersins.com or call us today at 734.422.7850. We are here to help with all your insurance needs!