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The benefits of bundling RV, boat, or motorcycle insurance with other policies

The benefits of bundling RV, boat, or motorcycle insurance with other policies

Insurance policies are an essential part of our lives, and we need them to protect ourselves and our belongings from unexpected events. If you own an RV, boat, or motorcycle, you know that these vehicles require specialized insurance policies. The cost of maintaining these policies can add up quickly, making insurance a significant expense for many owners. However, bundling your RV, boat, or motorcycle insurance with other policies can provide substantial benefits.

Lower Premiums

One of the most significant benefits of bundling your insurance policies is lower premiums. Insurance companies offer discounts to customers who buy multiple policies from them. When you bundle your RV, boat, or motorcycle insurance with your home, auto, and/or life insurance, you can save substantially on premiums.

How much can you save? That’s a great question, but one that’s difficult to know without contacting an independent insurance professional to review your specific options. We know that discounts vary by carrier, but we’ve seen some statistics claiming that bundling discounts can be up to 25%. The more policies you stack together, often times the more savings you can achieve. This means that you can get comprehensive coverage for all your vehicles while paying less than you would if you purchased each policy separately.

Simplified Billing

Paying multiple insurance bills every month can be a hassle, especially if you have several policies with different insurers. Bundling your policies simplifies your billing process. You will receive one bill for all your policies, making it easy to keep track of your payments. This streamlined billing process can save you time and reduce the risk of missed payments, which can lead to policy cancellations and lapses in coverage.

Did you know? You may be able to achieve even greater savings by paying your premium in full up front instead of choosing a monthly billing plan. Some carriers offer steep discounts for paying in full which combine with bundling discounts to really enhance your savings.

Increased Coverage Limits

Another advantage of bundling your policies can be increased coverage limits. For example, we always recommend that our customers carry a personal umbrella policy to help protect their assets from liability claims. When you buy multiple policies from the same insurer, you often times will be able to extend the personal umbrella coverage over all your policies. This means that you can get more comprehensive coverage for your RV, boat, or motorcycle. You may be able to extend your personal umbrella to cover a policy issued by another insurance carrier, but this isn’t guaranteed, and it opens up opportunities for gaps in coverage.


In conclusion, bundling your RV, boat, or motorcycle insurance policies with your other insurance policies can provide significant benefits. You can save money on your premiums, simplify your billing process, and get more comprehensive coverage. If you own an RV, boat, or motorcycle, you should consider bundling your policies to get the most out of your insurance coverage.

How do you know if bundling is right for you? Give us a call at 586-209-4106 today to have one of our licensed, independent agents review the facts surrounding your specific situation. Our agents at Legacy Partners will review your coverage options and let you make an informed decision about what’s the best option for your insurance needs.