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We dedicate our time to helping the employers we serve achieve more efficiency in their businesses, and enable them to reap the most out of their employee benefits. Through our daily interactions and experiences, we are able to provide a solution for your increasing HR demands.

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Today's businesses, like yours, need a better, more efficient way to handle HR, benefits and payroll. You are the front line - but you are not alone. Nobody can know and manage your company’s unique challenges like you can, but we are here to help. There is a better world out there in HR... a world where employees are engaged and self-sufficient, where HR is easy, efficient and automated.

While such a world exists, it’s not easy to get there. There are many obstacles and challenges. You need a team. You need experts to help you overcome those obstacles and provide the support needed to reach that better world. The belief that there is "a better way" is what drives our professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes for your organization.

Make HR Easier.

We are all about simplifying HR and helping you overcome those obstacles to reduce stress and free up resources.

Improve Corporate Culture.

Happy, healthy employees that enjoy their work environment are also more productive - go figure!

Leverage Market-Leading Technologies.

Our technology, services and advice help simplify your human capital management, handle payroll efficiently, eliminate compliance risk, and move your company ahead.

Empower and Engage Employees.

Our comprehensive approach combines payroll, HR, benefits time and attendance, and more in one automated solution that is easy to use and manage.

Creating A Better World In HR

Legacy Partners Insurance Services is proud to be the Farmington, Michigan affiliate for ProHCM!

ProHCM is a Human Capital Management technology and services company that is focused on transforming the HR experience by combining market-leading technology and centralized Human Capital Management services from experts, delivered through local HR and Benefits Consulting Partners.

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Are you struggling to maintain or improve your company's group benefits? We are confident that we can help. Our team of group benefits experts will address your problems and develop a solution that will put you on the path to success. Fill out the form below and a group benefits expert at Legacy Partners Insurance Services will contact you as soon as possible.

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