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Working towards financial security in an uncertain economic environment, often requires consistent oversight and monitoring by an integrated team of professionals who are able to provide timely insight and execution against an agreed upon financial strategy. Legacy Partners Insurance Services works collaboratively with all of our client's advisors to design an integrated solution that helps empower all present and future financial decision making.

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Achieve Your Financial Goals With Legacy Partners Insurance Services

Legacy Partners Insurance Services specializes in helping individuals and business owners with their financial goals and objectives. Our firm is multi skilled with each advisor bringing to the firm their specialized areas of expertise, which allows us to deliver robust strategies for our clients needs.

Some of the key reasons why individuals and business owners are attracted to the advice and guidance of Legacy Partners Insurance Services include:

Independent Advantage

Legacy Partners Insurance Services is 100% independent providing only objective and unbiased advice. We do not have any proprietary products that would create a conflict of interest, as may be found with some advisors today.

Solid Recommendations

Our recommendations are driven from educational and academic foundations, and are supported through very detailed and comprehensive financial solutions prepared for our clientele.

Customer Friendly

Our clients receive the answers that they are looking for in a straight forward and clear format.

Goal Driven

Our clients consistently ask for a reduction in risk and volatility, as well as enhancing overall performance of their portfolios. Our financial plans focus on pursuing those goals.

Constant Communication

Our firm understands the needs of our clients and as a result, we deliver a high level communication for our clients including regularly scheduled meetings.

  • Risk Management

    For whatever financial circumstances you find yourself in, Legacy Partners Insurance Services has solutions designed to help. We'll work with you to help you prepare for life's many events and help you take the net steps in building your financial future.

    • Term Life Insurance

    • Permanent Life Insurance

    • Disability Income Insurance

    • Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Business Planning

    If you’re a business owner or executive, you know the determination and passion it takes to be successful. Building an enterprise and guiding it through the ups and downs of today’s business climate is a heroic undertaking. Passing it to the next generation can be even more difficult. Legacy Partners Insurance Services can help you along the way.

    Business Continuation Planning

    • Funding Option Analysis
    • Buy - Sell Strategies
    • Family Business Succession Planning
    • Key Person Insurance
    • Attraction and Retention Planning

    Executive Fringe Benefits

    • Executive Bonus Plans
    • Split Dollar Insurance
    • Deferred Compensation Funding
    • Salary Continuation Plans
    • Non-Qualified Executive Fringe Benefits

    Employee Benefit Programs

    • Life and Disability Income Insurance
    • Non-Qualified Retirement Programs
  • Estate Planning

    Over a lifetime you have worked diligently to accumulate your wealth. Let Legacy Partners Insurance Services work with you to help protect what's passed on to your loved ones as you had intended. Through careful estate analysis and planning in conjunction with your estate planning attorney and tax advisor, Legacy Partners Insurance Services can help provide you with a variety of products and strategies that are designed to help preserve your estate for your heirs.

    • Advanced Estate and Tax Analysis

    • Asset Protection Strategies

    • Tax Savings Strategies

    • Distribution Planning

    • Charitable Gift Planning

    • Insurance Funding

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Para Planner & Advisor Services Team

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Dan Lone

Information Technology & Advisor Services Team

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