ProHCM is a Human Capital Management technology and services company that is focused on transforming the HR experience by combining market-leading technology and centralized Human Capital Management services from experts, delivered through local HR and Benefits Consulting Partners.

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Creating A Better World In HR

Our affiliation with ProHCM, allows us to understand the importance of employee wellbeing and to help employers prioritize the needs of their employees by simplifying HR processes and creating a world of HR without limits.

Our team of experts have skills in the following areas:

• HCM Technology

• Benefits Administration

• Payroll Management

• Compliance Support

• HR Services

• HTML Programming

• Employee Engagement

  • Payroll and Time

    Keeping track of employee time and attendance and ensuring that payroll is processed accurately and on time is crucial to any business. Whether you’re seeking an efficient payroll system or looking to completely outsource your payroll processes, we have a solution for you.

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    Our Payroll and Time Services, include:

    • Vendor Selection Consulting Support
    • Implementation Support
    • Outsourced Managed Payroll
  • HR Services

    When dealing with sensitive employee information and maintaining compliance with strict HR policies, it is important to have access to the proper tools. We provide a range of services that will set your HR department up for success and continue to offer support as HR policies evolve.

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    Our HR Services, include:

    • HRIS Vendor Selection Consulting Support
    • HRIS Implementation Support
    • HR Help Desk
    • HR Outsourcing
    • HRIS Optimization Services
  • Benefit Services

    The benefits package that your company offers holds a lot of weight when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. It can be incredibly burdensome to administer any benefits package without the right benefits technology. We can help you simplify the benefits enrollment and administration processes while enhancing your benefits communications capabilities.

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    Our Benefit Technology Services, include:

    • Benefits Enrollment Vendor Selection Consulting Support
    • Benefits Enrollment Implementation and Ongoing Configuration
    • Private Exchange Solutions
  • ASO Services

    It’s no doubt that technology is changing the way businesses are run, and recent advancements have allowed us to completely automate many manual HR processes. The ability to streamline a variety of administrative processes is a game changer, but it is likely you need more support to eliminate the administrative burden and risk. We provide supplemental services around state of the art platforms that are reliable, customizable, and easy to use, and will ensure that you are getting the most out of your technology.

    ASO Services Photo

    Our ASO Services, include:

    • Single-Integrated Payroll, HRIS, Benefits, Time & Attendance Platform
    • Optimization Services
    • Managed Payroll
    • Benefits Administrations
    • Employee Engagement
    • HR Outsourced Services
  • ADP Consulting and Support

    We have found that there is a great deal of dissatisfaction among ADP users due to a lack of support throughout the implementation process and beyond. We provide a range of services that can help current ADP users to get the results they desire from their system.

    ADP Consulting and Support Photo

    Our ADP Services, include:

    • Basic Implementation Support
    • Enhanced Implementation Support
    • Post-Implementation Support
      • HR/Benefits Module Enhancements
      • Employee Self-Service
      • Ongoing System Support
      • Managed Payroll

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